Seafood casserole with saffron rice

If you like seafood and fish, this is a recipe for you. Saffron gives this dish a beautiful yellow color, a sophisticated taste and an amazing aroma, making your meal a culinary feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Spiced vegetables

Although very easy and fast, this dish has so much going on in it, so many tastes and so much goodness. It can be served on its own, as a vegetarian meal or as an accompaniment to some simply baked or grilled fish/chicken. Try it out and let the spices caress your senses…

Persian Celery stew

Although many people declare not liking celery at all, I have not met anyone who has tried this stew and not liked it. It might be the magic of Persian cuisine that very simply transforms a potentially unlikable ingredient into something deliciously appealing. This is an easy recipe with a relatively short active preparation time, but it needs time to cook. After all ingredients are in the pot, you can just leave the stew to slowly cook on its own for a long time.

Carrot salad (Gujarati style)

This is a very easy way to create an aromatic and nutritious salad that will help keep your skin, eyes and lungs healthy. Get ready for a voyage to the jewel of the western India, Gujarat.

Spiced Turkey Zucchini Patties

Perfect for all seasons but especially a great light and healthy summer dish. Healthy, tasty and fast recipe for patties, using turkey meat and zucchini, with herbs and delicate spices including cumin and coriander.

Zucchini patties

This is a quickly prepared recipe for a tasty meatless mid summer meal, using zucchinis and lots of fresh herbs.

Homemade yogurt

Two ingredients, a big pot, a stove and a little patience are all you need to make your own delicious yogurt at home. Maybe you think why make my own when there are so many different kinds of yogurt in the shops? Making your own yogurt rewards you with a great product. You will know exactly what is in there (no additives, chemicals, …) and it is a very simple yet very satisfying activity.

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